Adoption Parties & Recruitment Events

Six to eight times per year, MARE hosts adoption parties to bring together social workers, waiting children and prospective adoptive parents in casual and fun settings. Families can learn more about adoption, meet waiting children and network with social workers.  MARE hosts several different types of adoption parties, including:

  • Large events that include waiting children, homestudied families and the general public: These events generally draw over 400 people.
  • Regional events that are also for both unstudied and homestudied families and waiting children:  These events generally draw approximately 200 people and are held in different regions throughout the state.
  • Small child specific parties:  These events are for a specific group of children (i.e. teenagers, children of color) and homestudied families that are invited to attend.  These events generally include 12-15 children and 12-20 families. 

Adoption Party Guides are available for families and social workers and are strongly recommended for anyone who has not attended an event before. To find out about upcoming events, please go to our Events section - Adoption Parties & Other Matching Events.

Adoption workers can use adoption parties for more than matching purposes.  An event may be an ideal location for a first visit with a prospective family or a visit with siblings.  The key ingredient in a successful experience for a child is good preparation prior to the party and communication after the event is over. 

In addition, MARE hosts matching meetings for social workers and single prospective adoptive parents with approved homestudies. At these meetings, social workers present specific waiting children through verbal descriptions, pictures, videos, etc. To find out about upcoming adoption parties and recruitment events, please go to our Events section - Adoption Parties & Other Matching Events.

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