Guides & Resources for Social Workers

The following is a list of guides and key resources for social workers when using MARE services. To view any of the following files, you will need Acrobat Reader.

  • Photo Guidelines: Tips on getting the best photos for a child’s photolisting and media recruitment
  • Preparing Children for Media: This is a summary of suggestions that social workers can utilize to prepare waiting children for media recruitment.
  • MARE Online Matching FAQs: A description of the MARE Online Matching program, who can use              it, and how families and social workers can best make use of it.
  • Adoptuskids: This is the national website, where children and families from across the country are registered and photolisted.   
  • Robbie Rabbit™ Books: Written by a former foster child, the Robbie Rabbit™ series is specifically for child welfare professionals as well as foster and adoptive parents who want to help a foster and/or adoption-eligible child adjust better to tough changes in life.
  • Events: The Events section of the website contains adoption-related events that are sponsored by MARE and other agencies.



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