Heart Gallery Program Info

The Heart Gallery is a photographic exhibit of waiting children that are registered with MARE.  The photos are taken by amateur and professional photographers that volunteer their time and skills.  The photos are presented in a large 20” X 24” format, with a short statement indicating the child’s age and an interest printed directly on the photo. 

MARE has been developing new ways of using these portraits and are displaying them in large and small venues.  A site can feature anywhere from one photo of a waiting child to more than 10. Some Heart Gallery portraits will be up for specific dates, while others may be up for an indefinite period of time. Locations have included the State House, malls, hospitals, South Station, Children’s Museum, theaters, large corporate lobbies, churches and office complexes. 

http://www.mareinc.org/images/JordansFurniture.jpgPermanent exhibits are housed in each of the four Jordan’s Furniture Stores and at several additional locations.  We are particularly grateful to Jordan’s Furniture for its commitment in helping to find permanent families for children in foster care.

Considerations When Referring a Child for the Heart Gallery

  • A child must be registered with MARE and have an up-to-date child profile.
  • A child must be legally free for adoption.
  • Sibling groups are photographed together during one photo shoot.

The Heart Gallery photos are taken and developed several times a year.  Contact your Child Services Coordinator for more information on having a child photographed. 


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