Over the years, MARE has found permanent, loving families for thousands of children waiting in foster care. Read about a few of these phenomenal families who, in the course of making a difference in a child’s life, also had their own life-changing experiences.

If you have adopted with MARE’s help and have a success story to share, we want to hear from you. Please email your story and picture to Diane Tomaz, Director of Family Support Services, at

The Kelly Family
Bill Kelly’s usual routine of getting up first to make coffee and bring in the Sunday paper was a bit different the morning of April 7, 2002. His wife, Lois, was already up ahead of him, tearing the “Sunday’s Child” column out of the Globe. It was the profile of then 11-year old Scott. There was something about his smile and the mischievous glint in his eyes that caught Lois’ attention. “Bill, he belongs with us,” Lois remembers saying. Bill read the article and felt the same connection. He contacted the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) the next day.

The Bodians Family
MARE Ruth’s journey to adoption is one that goes back to childhood. One of her favorite books was about a family that adopted 12 children of all different backgrounds, and she can remember thinking she would grow up, marry and adopt one day. A few years ago instead of waiting for marriage and postponing starting a family, she decided to pursue adoption.

MAREThe Baldwin von Brunow Bunch
The decision to adopt was actually an easy one for Edward and Michael Baldwin von Brunow. Coming from large extended families and always having had lots of children around them, Michael and Edward knew they wanted a family and all the things that come with it.

MAREThe Whitney Family
It was just another day on MARE’s Online Photolisting® when Brandy Whitney saw and immediately fell in lov
e with Barry, then 5, and Ga’Mal, then 3 and now named Jay. Trained as a special education teacher, Brandy was drawn to the children’s profile which stated that Jay’s favorite book was The Cat in the Hat, and Barry wanted to learn how to read.

MAREThe Brown Family
Lydia went through years of struggling and coming to terms with infertility issues. Seeing the children on Wednesday’s Child was always tugging at her heart until she decided it was finally time to adopt.

MAREThe Somero Family
Both in their late 50’s, experienced parents Pauline and James Somero were unsure if they wanted to parent young children again. They relied on their faith to help lead them through the adoption process.

MAREThe Powers-Patey Family
For as long as they can remember, Leigh and Laura have had the desire to have children and raise a family. Initially, the couple looked into conceiving through in vitro fertilization. As fate would have it, they went on to adopt two boys, and their concept about parenting would be changed forever.

MAREThe Jones Family
Having raised a son Derik, 26 and daughter Larissa, 28, Willie and Pam Jones were empty nesters looking forward to an early retirement. It turned out to be Willie’s bout with and recovery from prostate cancer that led them to reexamine their priorities. And though their work demands were growing, they were ready to enforce a balance to their work and family life.





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