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D.O.B. 03/03

HI! My name is Francisco.
"I am fluent in Spanish and English."
"I like to make people laugh. "

And here's what others say...
Francisco is a thirteen-year-boy of Latino descent who speaks English and Spanish. Those who know Francisco say he is fun and full of life. Francisco is a teenager who has a good sense of humor and enjoys making others laugh. He is compassionate and loves to ask questions. Francisco is also active, creative and likes to travel. He enjoys hangout at the park, playing basketball and trying new things. Francisco is very helpful and enjoys helping others. Francisco is a bright child who performs at grade level with the support of his Individual Education Plan (IEP). He will be entering in to the 7th grade this upcoming school year.

Video by Gretchen Siegchrist

Legally freed for adoption, Francisco would do well in a two parent family or with a single male parent, with older children or without children. His new family would need to provide him with love, stability and a safe environment in which he can grow to his fullest potential. The family will also need to understand that it will take time for Francisco to build trust and to feel safe. Francisco will need to maintain contact with his siblings who reside in Florida.

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