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D.O.B. 10/10

HI! My name is Corey.

"I like to play with my cars and trains!"

Corey is a loving, happy 6-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. He is a friendly child who bonds easily and does quite well with his peer interactions. Corey likes to color, draw, play with his toys and watch television. He also likes to read books and make up stories. He is an active little boy who likes to jump and run around while playing. Corey is also described as a resilient child who is a pleasure to be around. Corey is affectionate to those around him and is a caring child who is always willing to help. Corey enjoys going to school and recently entered the first grade. He is diagnosed with Down Syndrome and requires assistance in school and with many of his daily activities. Although he is not always able to verbally express himself, Corey does understand instructions and responds well to a structured daily living routine.

Legally freed for adoption, Corey’s social worker is open to exploring all family types where Corey can be the youngest or only child. His social worker shared that he would also do best in a family where he did not have to go to morning or afterschool care. His worker prefers he spend more time in the home receiving individualized attention from his caregivers. It is recommended that a family be chosen based upon their openness with adoption. Corey would like to be with a family who is able and willing to provide him with lots of love and attention. He is an active child who would love to have a family that will work with him on speech and educational activities as well as to play with him and help him to excel.

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