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D.O.B. 02/03

HI! My name is Patrick.
"I like being in the water"
"Music makes me happy"
"I like to dance."

And here's what others say...
Patrick is a sweet and hard working thirteen-year-old Caucasian boy who is on the Autism Spectrum. He presents as initially shy until he becomes acquainted with you. He currently lives at a residential program where he has made significant progress. The staff at his program adore Patrick and he has responded well to his team. Patrick has worked hard on his communication skills and attention levels. He was non-verbal when he entered the program and now he can use quite a few words to ask for things. Patrick is also able to better focus and sit still to look at a book, play on the computer or watch television. Patrick receives specialized services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). He receives speech and language therapy, as well as occupational therapy. Patrick also has feeding and eating issues, and has benefited from feeding therapy.

Patrick’s social worker is seeking a family who has an understanding of children on the Autism spectrum. Patrick requires close supervision. He will need a carefully thought out transition to a family setting. Patrick could be placed with a single or two-parent family of any constellation. Older children in the home would be best. Patrick has a twin brother and an older sister in foster care whom he would like to maintain contact with. A family will need to maintain some contact with his birth parents through correspondence and a yearly visit. Patrick is now legally freed for adoption.

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