Registration # 5209
D.O.B. 12/07

HI! My name is Eziah.

I am great at building with Legos!

Eziah is an intelligent, funny and energetic nine-year-old boy of Hispanic and African-American descent who loves to laugh and makes friends easily. One of his favorite activities is building things, especially with Legos, and he has an impressive imagination. Eziah also enjoys computers, puzzles, playing outside, riding a bike and swimming.

Eziah does well in a small structured setting in school, and is working hard to improve his reading and math skills. He has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for social and emotional support to help him be successful in the classroom. Eziah engages in weekly therapy and is learning how to identify his emotions and needs. Although Eziah does need redirection at times, he thrives when he receives positive attention, praise and support.

Legally freed for adoption, Eziah will do best in a family of any constellation that can provide him with structure, and the love and attention that he deserves. Eziah’s social worker believes that he will thrive in a family where he will either be an only-child or the youngest child in the home. A family should also be open to helping Eziah maintain contact with his younger siblings in Massachusetts who have already been adopted.

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