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HI! My name is Markel.
"I love pirates, super heroes and Sponge Bob!"

And here's what others say...
Markel is a playful 12-year-old boy of African American/Caucasian descent. Those who know Markel say he is sweet and has a great sense of humor. Markel is diagnosed on the Autism spectrum and benefits from using an iPad for communication along with sensory tools for regulating his behavior and stabilizing his emotions. Markel has recently made significant progress communicating and is now able to say one singular word at a time. Markel is able to perform most daily hygiene and dressing tasks with just a little prompting. Markel loves school and is able to engage with the adults and peers around him. Markel is a very caring and sensitive young man. When he feels his peers are upset, he will console them by patting them on the head or by giving gentle hugs.

Markel presently lives in a residential program in Eastern Massachusetts for children with Autism. Legally freed for adoption, Markel’s new family would need to be able to visit with Markel in his program to develop a rapport and a slow transition into his new home. Markel would do best in a two-parent home that can share the level of supervision that he currently has because of his lack of safety awareness skills. He would do well with or without other children in the home.

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