Registration # 5401
D.O.B. 07/05

HI! My name is Juan.

"Basketball is my favorite sport!"

Juan is an athletic twelve-year-old boy of Hispanic descent. Juan can have a competitive spirit and will gladly take on a challenge to a game of basketball! Juan also enjoys playing video games and outdoor sports, such as football and baseball. His favorite game is Uno.

Juan is very involved in the community—he participates on a baseball team, basketball team, and is hoping to start lacrosse soon! Juan’s skills will continue to strengthen with the support of a family to watch his games and cheer him on. Additionally, Juan hopes that a potential family will like Spanish food, provide him with the opportunity to spend time with kids his age, have a basketball hoop, and have a dog.

Legally freed for adoption, Juan has two brothers and two sisters in Massachusetts that he loves to spend time with. An adoptive family will need to support his sibling connections and be able to transport him to visits. Juan would benefit from a patient and dedicated family that likes to do activities in the community and play sports. It may be best for Juan to be the youngest or only child in a potential family.

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