Registration # 5598
D.O.B. 12/07

HI! My name is Evan.

"I have a lot of love to give to a family!"

Evan is a creative, adventurous, and loving nine-year-old boy of African-American and Caucasian descent. He is also intelligent and inquisitive, and enjoys spending time with caring adults. Evan easily expresses his needs and feelings, and thrives on positive interactions.

Evan enjoys learning and takes pride in his accomplishments. He is eager and engaged in school but has had some misbehaviors during the past year. However, these behaviors rarely carry over to his home environment. Evan is currently living with a foster family and has shown the ability to build positive relationships with family members. Evan is engaged in therapy to process past experiences.

Not yet legally free for adoption, Evan is eager to be adopted and will do well in a home that can provide him with positive attention, guidance, structure and calm boundary setting. His social worker is open to exploring families of any constellation, with either no children in the home or with children older than Evan. A family must be open to helping Evan maintain relationships with his siblings who are placed with separate families, as well as his biological mother who he currently sees monthly.

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