Registration # 5606
D.O.B. 02/12

HI! My name is Josiah.

You can call me Joey!

Josiah “Joey” is a 4-year old boy of African American descent who enjoys eating bananas, meatballs, fruit, and shrimp! Josiah is described by his foster mother as friendly, loving and endearing. He loves to learn and be the center of attention. Josiah struggles with peer interactions due to lack of impulse control. At times he may need reminders about playing safely with other children. Josiah has developmental delays that he receives services for through his Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Josiah qualifies for year-long schooling with a summer program. Josiah has made progress since he first came into care as he was unable to walk or speak. Josiah still requires support around vocalizing his needs and using words instead of actions or gestures. Josiah does have a great sense of compassion for others. He loves going to school and enjoys learning new things.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Josiah is in need of a two parent family with older or no children in the home. Josiah will need a family that is open to maintaining sibling contact and potential contact with his birth mother. A future family will need to have patience and be able to provide Josiah with a lot of support and one on one attention.

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