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D.O.B. 07/03

HI! My name is Christopher.

"I like to make people laugh!"

Chris is a loveable and affectionate thirteen-year-old boy of Hispanic and Caucasian descent who is eagerly awaiting his forever family! Chris is talkative and outgoing and he loves to make people laugh. He thrives on positive attention and interacting with others. He also enjoys sports.

Chris is doing very well in his current foster home because his foster family has created a nurturing and structured environment for him. Chris has struggled in the past in regular education classes within a public school setting. He is currently supported by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in a special-education setting, and is doing well. Chris can be impulsive at times and is taking steps to improve this.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Chris has demonstrated that he can thrive in a family that provides him with love, positive attention, and structure. His social worker is open to considering families of any constellation where Chris can be the youngest child in the home. An ideal family would include a positive male role model. Chris has a strong bond with his aunt and uncle, and he should be supported in maintaining this relationship after adoption, as well as his relationship with his biological sister.

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