John & Grace
Registration # 5727, 5728
D.O.B. 04/14, 11/12

HI! We are John and Grace.

"We are always on the go!"

John and Grace are Caucasian siblings seeking an adoptive home together.

John is a happy, bubbly, and energetic 4-year-old boy who is always on the go. John loves to be active and enjoys playing outside, running, and kicking balls. During quieter times, he likes arts and crafts, cartoons, and is able to complete complex puzzles. John is a curious and determined young boy who loves to see how things work. John is enrolled in preschool and currently placed on an Individual Education Plan (IEP). John has developmental delays and he also requires one-on-one attention to assist him in sitting for activities during the school day. John can struggle to self-regulate and requires frequent supervision. John does best in an environment that has clear rules, expectations, and a structured daily routine.

Grace is a happy and loving 3-year-old. She is an easy-going toddler who smiles frequently and is very polite. Grace is on an IEP for developmental delays and receives occupational and physical therapy services. She is diagnosed with scoliosis and wears a brace daily. Grace enjoys musical toys, playing games on her tablet, and having fun with her toys.
Legally freed for adoption, these children would be most successful in a two parent household without small children. It is important a family is able to provide John and Grace the support and structure they need to thrive. An adoptive family would also need to be open to some contact with biological parents.

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