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D.O.B. 06/10

HI! My name is K'Lonie.
Purple is my favorite color!

And here's what others say...
K’Lonie is a sweet 6-year-old African American girl who loves hugs and kisses. K’Lonie enjoys listening to music and humming to the melody. She also likes having books read to her and playing on the iPad. K’Lonie is on the Autism Spectrum and due to her young age it is not clear if there are additional cognitive delays. She is currently attending a day program through the New England Center for Children where she is learning sign language, receiving 1-1 support and an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to build age-appropriate skills. She is able to participate in her lessons and activities but requires supervision when doing activities on her own.

K’Lonie can have difficulty with transitions but she is able to manage them with the appropriate support. When she feels she needs assistance of others she typically uses physical contact to try to communicate. Her speech and language has been improving and she has proved that with the proper support, she is able to make progress in many areas she was behind in before coming into care.

K’Lonie is legally freed for adoption and maintains contact with some of her birth family. An ideal family for her would be two parents who have natural supports in place so they may obtain respite if feeling overwhelmed. A family would need to be strong educational advocates so the progress through her program is not lost if or when she transitions to the regular public school system.

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