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D.O.B. 09/08

HI! My name is Dayvien.

"I'm very creative!"

Dayvien is an outgoing nine-year-old boy of African-American and Hispanic descent. Those who know him describe his as charming and endearing. He is empathic and concerned about the welfare of others. Dayvien is creative and enjoys artistic activities. He also has an excellent imagination and likes to sing and dance. Dayvien can be theatrical and thrives on positive attention.

Dayvien is in a therapeutic school setting and is described as a hard worker. He has excellent relationships with his peers and has even been designated the “classroom leader.” At times Dayvien can exhibit some difficult behaviors but overall is able to build strong relationships with others.

Legally freed for adoption, Dayvien can be placed in a home with a mother and father or two mothers, as the youngest or only child. A pre-adoptive family should be open to continued contact and visits with his six siblings placed in Massachusetts. Dayvien also has a positive relationship with his birth father and that relationship should be maintained.
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