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D.O.B. 09/04

HI! My name is Seth.
"I am a Lego master!"

Seth is an active twelve-year old boy of Caucasian descent. Seth loves technology, Legos and sports. He particularly likes sports that involve being on a team like football, baseball and basketball. Seth is described as a social child who likes to strike up a conversation. He loves to listen to music and watch his New England sports teams! Seth is very creative and can think up stories. He also has a great recall ability of what he has read or stories he has been told. Seth has been diagnosed as having low-spectrum Autism and he also has some developmental delays. He receives additional support in school through an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). He has made major improvements and gains through the services he has received.

Legally freed for adoption, Seth will need a family that is able to maintain contact with his three older siblings . Seth has a strong bond with his brothers and it is important that this connection and visits remain in place. Seth’s social worker is seeking a family with either no children or older children in the home. Seth does best when things are flexible versus strict. A family that is energetic and attentive would be the best match for Seth!

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