Alex and Sage

Alex & Sage
Registration # 5944, 5945
D.O.B. 06/04, 09/06

HI! We are Alex and Sage!

"I like to volunteer" - Alex

"I like to dance" - Sage

Alex and Sage are an energetic sibling group of two of Caucasian descent. Alex, age twelve, is currently in the sixth grade. He is described by his teachers as a pleasure to have in class and he works very hard. Alex has done well in his current foster home where there are other boys. Alex has done well with other children in the home. Alex enjoys playing video games and being outside. He is an active child and would benefit from a family that allows him to pursue his athletic interests.

Sage, age ten, is described as a sweet and caring child who likes to dance. Sage is currently in the fourth grade where she does well . Sage has also done very well in her current foster home where she enjoyed having an older foster sister. Sage enjoys having attention from adults and benefits from having adults around while doing her homework to remind her to remain on task.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Alex and Sage’s social worker is open to exploring families that are open to reuniting these siblings in the same family. Alex and Sage also have an older brother they may want contact with. A future family should be open to potential post-adoption contact with their birth parents. Since they are not yet legally freed for adoption, their birth parents are offered monthly visitation. 

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