Jacob and Michael

Jacob & Michael
Registration # 5982, 5983
D.O.B. 10/08, 11/02

HI! We are Jacob and Michael!
"We love to have fun!"

Jacob and Michael are a sibling group of two seeking to be adopted together! Jacob is of Caucasian descent and has light brown hair and big brown eyes. Jacob does well in school and receives some extra support in the classroom if needed. He likes his afterschool program which offers a computer programing component. Jacob is described as quiet and shy but he will warm up once he gets to know you. Jacob hasn't shared any talents; however, with his passion for computers, it appears that Jacob will continue growing in this field. Jacob is also very good at drawing and hands-on activities such as building with Legos.

Michael is described as a vibrant and energetic young man of Caucasian/Hispanic descent with a big smile and an outgoing personality. Michael is very smart for his age and doesn’t require any special educational services. He has a sophisticated sense of humor and is able to articulate his needs and advocate for them. Michael enjoys spending times with adults he has established relationships with.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Jacob and Michael would do best in a single or two parent family with or without other children who can provide lots of nurturance and guidance. They have two older sisters who they would like to see quarterly. It is very important that these siblings remain together. These siblings would do best in a very active, high functioning family that enjoys sports and exploring events.

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