Registration # 6020
D.O.B. 02/03

HI! My name is Nastacha.

"I want a forever family."

Nastacha is a social and friendly fourteen-year-old girl of Hispanic and Puerto Rican descent. She loves to smile and has a great sense of humor. Nastacha has a wide range of interests, which include going to the library, Tae Kwon Do, and watching movies. She also has a strong interest in music, singing and dancing. Nastacha has recently been introduced to the guitar and piano and she enjoys them both very much. Nastacha takes pride in her appearance and loves to have her hair and nails done. In school, Nastacha benefits from the supports provided to her both academically and personally. Nastacha is currently working hard for her academics to be on target.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Nastacha has expressed a preference for a two-parent family with a male parent and a female parent. However, Nastacha would like to explore any family constellation with or without other children in the home. To thrive, Nastacha needs a family that can provide her with a lot of love, support and structure in the home.

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