Jayvon & Nevaeh
Registration # 6078, 6469
D.O.B. 10/11, 08/13

HI! We are Jayvon and Nevaeh.

“We are ready to be in our forever family!"

Jayvon and Nevaeh are playful siblings of African American descent.

Jayvon, 5, is easily able to express himself and loves playing with his brother and sisters. Jayvon has a likability about him which enables him to build strong relationships with others. He loves making friends, receiving positive attention and making people laugh. Jayvon is a very energetic child who enjoys running around outside and playing "pretend wrestling" with his siblings and foster brother. Jayvon’s social worker describes him as a very bright child who is able to carry on full conversations, as well as follow directions when given specific commands and tasks. Jayvon is able to express his emotions, as well as his likes and dislikes. A referral for therapy has been made.

Nevaeh, 3, has a good sense of humor and she is very “girly”. Nevaeh enjoys playing with her dolls, playing pretend with her kitchen set, and interacting with other children. Neveah attends a pre-school program within the public school system. She was tested and qualified for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to address her speech and language developmental delays. Emotionally, Nevaeh presents with typical three-year-old behaviors without concern. It is important to know Nevaeh has an allergy to eggs and egg products.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Jayvon and Nevaeh can be placed in a home with a single mother, two mothers or a mother/father configuration. They should be the youngest or only children in the home. Because they are not legally free, any family must be open to regular travel to Massachusetts. They should also be open to a possible Open Adoption Agreement in the future.   

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