Daequan & Raya

Daequan & Raya
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D.O.B. 12/06 & 04/11

HI! We are Daequan & Raya.
I hope to be a billionaire one day! - Daequan

I want to be a teacher when I grow up - Raya

Daequan and Raya are affectionate siblings of African-American descent. Daequan, ten-years-old, is described as a bright child who enjoys playing video games and being active in his afterschool program. He is very interested in sports and has strong athletic capabilities. One of his dreams is to be a football player when he gets older. In school, Daequan does very well and is able to make friends easily. Daequan’s foster family reports he is a great big brother to his sister, Raya. They also say he is helpful and a pleasure to be around.

Raya, six-years-old, loves to sing, dance and play with her dolls. She is also very helpful in her foster home without any prompting. Raya gets along well with her peers and the adults in her life. She regularly attends daycare and does not require any academic assistance or therapeutic interventions.

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Legally freed for adoption, Daequan and Raya should be placed together with or without other children in the home. Their social worker is open to looking at all family constellations, as long as the family can provide stability and structure for Daequan and Raya throughout their lives. A family also needs to be open to letter and picture correspondence with Daequan and Raya’s biological mother. Daequan and Raya’s social worker is first exploring families that are within driving distance of Massachusetts.

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