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D.O.B. 08/07

HI! My name is Isaiah.
"I want to become an artist when I grow up!"

And here's what others say...
Isaiah is an energetic 9-year-old boy of African American/Caucasian descent. Isaiah describes himself as curious, fun loving, and funny. Others say Isaiah is a very bright child who loves to draw, paint and build. When indoors, Isaiah enjoys playing with trucks, Kinetics, Legos and other games. When given the opportunity to play outdoors, Isaiah enjoys sports such as basketball and baseball. Isaiah’s favorite color is red and he loves animals.

In school, Isaiah is supported by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) as he has some learning challenges. Isaiah struggles with staying focused and learning how to be part of a group. He can become easily distracted and unable to concentrate for extended periods of time. Isaiah can struggle with appropriate peer interactions as well but he has shown significant improvement in settings that provide a high level of structure, clear expectations, and firm redirection. Isaiah has a significant trauma history and receives weekly therapy. Individual trauma-focused therapy has been beneficial in helping Isaiah develop coping skills and containment. Isaiah’s creativity and willingness to engage has allowed him to process trauma through play and narrative therapy.

Legally freed for adoption, Isaiah can do well in any type of family that will allow for a slow transition. In addition, given the gaps that Isaiah has experienced in school due to multiple placements, it is recommended that a supportive academic environment be significantly assessed to best address his academic, social, and emotional needs. A strong network of outpatient supports, including a mentor and an in-home therapist, will also increase the likelihood of a successful transition. He has a close relationship with his two younger sisters he sees monthly and this would need to continue.

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