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D.O.B. 06/06

HI! My name is Leland.
"I love sports."

And here's what others say...
Leland is a bright 10-year-old boy of Caucasian/African American descent. Leland is inquisitive by nature and asks a lot of questions because he is curious about the world around him. Leland is also very athletic and has recently begun to play organized youth sports. He is currently involved with youth football and played flag football last spring. He enjoys playing hockey and basketball as well. Leland is an avid chess player and enjoys building with Legos too!

Leland attends a small substantially separate classroom and does well in this structured, consistent environment. He moved to his present specialized foster home last summer and has been very successful there in terms of schooling and making friends. He has made an attachment in this home and his behavior has improved dramatically. Leland has a significant trauma history and has been separated from all of his siblings. He goes to therapy weekly and has made a great deal of progress this past year. He is now visiting with some of his siblings on a regular basis and he values this time very much.

Legally freed for adoption, Leland needs to be the only or significantly youngest child in a pre-adoptive home. He requires a good deal of supervision so a two parent family would be very important. Leland has monethly visits with his younger brother and sister who will be adopted by a family South of Boston. A family must be willing to maintain these visits.

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