Registration #6258
D.O.B. 08/12

HI! My name is Rhamell.

"I like superheroes!"

Rhamell is an affectionate, bright and active four-year-old boy of African-American descent. Rhamell likes to stay busy and loves playing games, both indoors and outdoors. He can often be found running around outside or at the playground. Rhammell also enjoys music and sports, and loves anything related to superheroes.

Rhamell is an intelligent boy with a vast vocabulary for a child his age. Before moving to his current program, he was attending a center-based day care where he had many friends. Rhamell is a loving boy but because of past trauma he has been displaying acting-out behaviors. His social worker believes that these behaviors will subside once he finds stability with his forever family and understands that he is safe. Rhamell does best with structure and routine.

Legally freed for adoption, Rhamell has the potential to thrive in a loving two-parent home. His social worker is open to exploring families with no children or with children older than Rhamell, and with no pets in the home. An ideal family will be able to provide Rhamell with stability, emotional support and structure. They should also be comfortable utilizing community supports and advocating for Rhamell’s needs.

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