Ja'monie, Ja'zii & Ziy'maine
Registration # 6170, 6169 6172
D.O.B. 01/08, 12/08, 05/12

HI! We are Ja'monie, Ja'zii, and Ziy'maine.

“We want to live together in a loving family!"

Ja’monie, Ja'zii, and Ziy'maine are loving siblings of African American descent. Ja’monie is a loving nine-year-old girl who is drawn to cosmetology. She is talented in dance, gymnastics and sports. In school, Ja’monie receives additional support in school and does best when she receives positive encouragement . Ja’monie wants a stable place where she can grow up and go to college.

Ja’zii is an affectionate eight-year-old boy who is described as empathetic. Jaz’ii is gifted in sports and especially excels at baseball. He is also a talented singer and dancer. Ja’zii is very responsible with household duties and his school work. He does well when he receives constant positive reinforcements.

Ziy’maine is an energetic five-year-old boy who enjoys being outside and playing sports. His favorite sports are baseball and basketball. Ziy’maine can be very helpful in the home as he seems to enjoy washing dishes and sweepings.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, this sibling group would do well in a family of any constellation with or without other children in the home. Their social worker is seeking a family who can provide them with their own separate bedrooms as well. The siblings need an active and patient family who can provide stability, structure, and close supervision. A potential family should be open to supporting the sibling in maintaining contact with their other siblings and family members.

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