Registration #6299
D.O.B. 03/09

HI! My name is Keighan.
"I like to tell jokes!"

Keighan is a sweet and funny 8-year-old boy of Caucasian descent who enjoys telling jokes. Keighan is a polite and engaging child. He enjoys quiet activities such as reading books, coloring and going to church. Keighan is also adventurous: helikes to try new things and enjoys outdoor activities such as bike riding and going to the park. Keighan recently went camping for the very first time where he enjoyed fishing, swimming and making s’mores.

In school, Keighan receives extra support in the classroom for his developmental delays through his Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Keighan has been making academic progress and he gets along well with his peers. In Keighan’s current placement, his foster parent has been very patient with him and has taken time to teach him the appropriate social skills.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Keighan has shared he would like an active family with a mother, father and older siblings. Keighan has formed an important relationship with his foster parent and if possible, this relationship should be maintained. Keighan also has a half-brother who resides in Massachusetts therefore a family must be open to frequent visits. Due to the legal risk of this case and having visits with his brother, a Massachusetts family is preferred.

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