Registration # 6300
D.O.B. 09/03

HI! My name is Keiana.

"I love art projects!"

Keiana is a courageous fourteen-year old girl of African American descent. Keiana is active and likes to be busy. She has a good sense of humor and likes trying new things. She loves art projects like drawing pictures, making plastic bracelets and Rainbow loom. She wants to finish high school and get a job where she can make lots of money! She is always up for a trip whether it is to get ice cream or go to the park. She is a talented basketball player and also sang previously in a choir.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, a future family should be open to helping Keiana remain connected to family members who are important to her if she chooses. She will do best as the oldest or only child where there is a mother figure in the home. Her social worker is open to a family that would also want to visit with her at her current placement. She would benefit from having caring and consistent adults in her life that could serve as a support for her and a role model.

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