Registration # 6354
D.O.B. 01/08

HI! My name is John.

"I love to interact with others!"

John is an active and friendly nine-year-old boy of Caucasian descent. He enjoys engaging with others, as well as playing with toys. John interacts well with both adults and his peers.

John has lived much of his life without any physical or cognitive delays but due to an injury he currently has complicated medical needs. He is working hard through occupational, speech and physical therapy to re-learn how to walk and speak. He is able to communicate through pointing and gesturing, and is able to express basic emotions. John has formed strong relationships with staff at the facility where he is residing.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, John is seeking a loving and supportive family that will be able to advocate for his needs, manage his medical appointments, and provide him with constant care. His social worker feels that he will thrive in a two-parent family with either no other children in the home or with children who are older than him. John has close relationships with extended members of his birth family that are very important to him. An adoptive family must be open to helping John maintain these relationships.

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