Kaleb & Demitri
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D.O.B. 05/07, 06/11

HI! We are Kaleb and Demitri.

"I like to play outside and swim!" - Kaleb

"I like to be called DJ!" - Demitri

Kaleb and Demitri are brothers of Caucasian descent who are looking to be adopted together!

Kaleb is a sweet ten-year-old boy who gets along well with other children. He enjoys being outside, swimming, playing video games, watching movies and kicking a ball around. Once he is comfortable with a new adult, Kaleb can be very funny. Kaleb enjoys learning and is open to trying new things. He is in the fourth grade and follows a 504 plan for behavioral and academic support. Kaleb is on the Autism Spectrum but is high functioning. He is currently receiving services, which have been very beneficial. Kaleb is small for his age and takes nutritional supplements to help him gain and maintain his weight.

Demitri, who likes to be called DJ, is an affectionate, active, talkative, and friendly six-year-old boy. He is full of energy, and enjoys being around other adults and children. His favorite activities include playing with his cars and trucks, and watching movies. He attended camp this past summer, and had a lot of fun spending time outside and playing sports. DJ is currently in first grade and follows an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for emotional and academic support. DJ is also on the Autism Spectrum and is very high functioning.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Kaleb and Demitri are doing very well in their foster home, and have good relationships with their foster parents and siblings. Their social worker believes that they will thrive in a loving and supportive home of any constellation, with or without other children. An ideal family should be open to helping the boys maintain contact with their biological sister who is being placed separately in Massachusetts.

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