Registration # 6516
D.O.B. 10/01

HI! My name is Shelby.

"I like making others laugh!"

Shelby is a fifteen-year-old young lady of Caucasian descent who is always smiling and making people laugh. Shelby is described as being friendly and happy go lucky. In her spare time, Shelbyenjoys coloring and watching movies. She has an amazing ability to remember the lines of movies,television shows and commercials. Shelby also loves all animals and being around them. When shegrows up, Shelby has stated she would like to be an actress or take care of small children.

Shelby has been diagnosed as having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. She is currently in a Comprehensive Foster Home where she has constant monitoring. Shelby’s current foster mother is working very hard to teach Shelby basic daily living skills and how to be independent. Her foster mother reports Shelby has made progress and finds repetitiveness to be very helpful. Shelby wears glasses and is supposed to be wearing hearing aids although she does not like to. Shelby is in the 9th grade and has an extensive Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for educational services. Shelby is able to go to school on the bus and find activities she likes to do in the home. Shelby is currently in therapy weekly and has a therapeutic mentor. She is working on past trauma and appropriate coping skills. She equates most things to animals and movies she has seen.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Shelby could do well in any type of family as an only child or if there was another younger child. She loves animals and would like to be in a home where she is able to interact with them. A family in Massachusetts is preferred so Shelby is able to maintain visits she has with her biological father. She has a great relationship with her biological father and looks forward to those visits.  

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