Registration #6520
D.O.B. 12/12

HI! My name is Jahlia.

"I love to play!"

Jahlia is a creative and friendly four-year old girl of African American descent. Jahlia loves to do arts and crafts, play outside and read. Jahlia has visual impairments that require her to wear glasses and be followed by an Ophthalmologist. She will need a family that will help to advocate for her needs in school and for her medical needs. Jahlia attends a full day Head Start program where she receives extra support in the classroom and benefits from the routine and structure in the classroom. She is learning with her teacher’s support about school and following rules.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Jahlia also has a younger brother who may need to be placed with her in the future. She currently has visitation with her grandfather and also with her brother. Jahlia currently resides in a foster home where there are two adults and she does well with this. It is recommended she be placed in a two parent family that is able to provide her reassurance and redirection.

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