Kyra, Jayla & Alexander
Registration # 6532, 6533, 6534
D.O.B. 03/07, 04/11, 09/15

HI! We are Kyra, Jayla, and Alexander.

“We want to be adopted together!"

Kyra, Jayla and Alexander are a sibling group of three of Caucasian descent who want to be adopted together!

Kyra, age ten, is the oldest of this sibling group. She is described as “spunky”.  Kyra loves outdoor activities, drawing, and video games. Kyra shares she is “excited about school and seeing friends”!  She currently does well with the structure of her group home and also does well with extra support in the classroom to remain focused. She loves to see her siblings who are currently placed separately from her and she wants to be adopted with them.

Jayla is a sweet six-year old girl who is described as smart and easy to engage. She also is very energetic! Like her older sister, Jalya loves arts and crafts! She is doing well in school and does not require any additional academic assistance. It would be beneficial in a future home for Jayla to have her own bedroom.

Alex, age one is the baby of this sibling group. He receives Early Intervention services to assist with learning about new foods and textures. He is described as a smart little boy who is very sweet. He is well integrated into his foster home and they hope to remain connected to Alex as “extended family” in the future.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, their worker is seeking a two parent family with older children or no other children in the home. A family will need to be open to visitation with their birth mother. The children are currently placed separately and they see each other at these visits, but the hope is they can be reunited in the same home. The children will require a family that has structure and patience.   

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