Registration # 6540
D.O.B. 12/13

HI! My name is Jeffrey.

"I love to play!"

Jeffrey is a happy 3-year-old toddler of Cape Verdean descent who loves to climb on furniture and play. Jeffrey is on the Autism spectrum and he is developmentally delayed. He also suffers from Tuberous Sclerosis complexed by Epilepsy. Jeffrey has many medical appointments with specialists who follow him closely. Jeffrey has made many gains in his development through Early Intervention Services, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy and participation in play groups. Jeffrey has difficulty communicating and has been using a communication chart to try to have his needs met. This does work well when Jeffrey is in good space and able to utilize the tool. Jeffrey is not currently in school but once he is he should continue with ABA therapy and will require an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to address his special needs.

An ideal placement for Jeffrey would be with a family who can be committed to having Jeffrey reach his full potential. Jeffrey can be placed with a family of any constellation with or without other children. A family should be open to continuing with services already in place and attending all scheduled medical appointments. Jeffrey is not yet legally freed for adoption and maintains bi-weekly visits with his biological mother in the state of Massachusetts. A family must be willing to accommodate these visits.

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