Emma, Steven & Tommy
Registration # 6575, 6576, 6577
D.O.B. 06/14, 11/12, 05/11

HI! We are Emma, Steven, and Tommy.

“We are ready to find our forever family!"

Emma, Steven and Tommy are a sibling group of 3 of Caucasian descent. Two-year-old Emma is an outgoing little girl who likes to play with her brothers and the other young girl placed in her foster home. Emma also loves to draw and play with play-dough. In Emma’s early life she was receiving Early Intervention services for speech delays. However, she has tested out and is on track developmentally. Emma attends pre-school five days per week and is doing great educationally and behaviorally. Emma does a good job interacting with her peers and school staff.

Steven is best described as a loving, affectionate and willful four-year-old boy who enjoys playing with trucks, cars, and any toy with moving parts. Steven receives services for a speech delay. In the past he was receiving Occupational Therapy (OT), but he recently tested out. Steven benefits from a great deal of structure as he can sometimes test limits. In school, his daycare teacher reported Steven did very well this past academic year and she has no concerns for him moving forward.

Tommy is described as a very smart, observant six-year-old child. Tommy is in Kindergarten, and he does very well academically. However, it was reported that socially and behaviorally Thomas has struggled over the past few months in school. Because of his trauma history he can be very hypervigilant and he expresses a lot of sadness. Tommy and his siblings are working with an In-home Therapy team to work on their past trauma. These services should continue once a placement is identified.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, this sibling group of three should be placed in a home with two caretakers. Due to the ages of the children, intense supervision is required. A potential match could have older, independent children but children latency age or younger would present a challenge. The children currently maintain weekly visits with their birth parents in Massachusetts.

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