Jayden & Jordyn
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HI! We are Jayden and Jordyn.

"We are twins!"

Jayden and Jordyn are 2-year-old twin brothers of African American and Caucasian descent. Jayden is the less assertive brother who tends to be more cautious when it comes to trying to new things. He likes to ride in toy cars and play rough with his toys. He is eager to please the adults in his life and has a sweet disposition. Jayden has a history of reactive airway disease and wheezing therefore he has medications that help reduce the symptoms.

Jordyn is an independent and very smart boy who enjoys making friends and playing with others. Some of Jordyn’s favorite activities include cleaning, playing on his tablet, riding in toy cars and pushing shopping carts/strollers with his toys in it. He also loves giving hugs. He is an active boy who is often seen outside playing at the park and on slides. Jordyn has some food allergies, for which he has an Epi pen. He also has sleep difficulties and is diagnosed with Eczema.

Jayden and Jordyn have a history of developmental delay, particularly an expressive language delay. They have made gains with Early Intervention and will be evaluated for special education services before they turn 3. Jayden and Jordyn live in a primarily Spanish speaking foster home therefore they understand both English and Spanish. Jayden currently knows about ten words while Jordyn knows about fifty. Jordyn and Jayden attend a center-based day care with many children. Their teachers reported they are doing better since being separated in different classes. They are both calmer and do not display the same behavioral concerns as they were when they were together.

Jayden and Jordyn are not yet legally freed for adoption. All families will be considered but a two parent family is preferred, with one at home parent being ideal. They are very bonded to their foster family and will benefit from continuing to visit this foster family, at least initially, after they are placed in a pre-adoptive home. Both boys need a family who are able to bring them to daycare/school and therapy and able to meet their emotional/behavioral needs. Their social worker would like to see the boys continue to visit with their paternal grandparents on a monthly basis and possibly have an open adoption agreement with their birth mother, including visits.

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