Gianna, Paris & London
Registration # 6585, 6586, 6587
D.O.B. 12/06, 11/12, 11/12

HI! We are Gianna, Paris, and London.

“We want to be adopted together!"

Ten-year-old Gianna, and four-year-old twins Paris and London, are happy and healthy sisters of African-American and Hispanic descent who are looking for a loving home together.

Gianna is a sweet and polite girl who presents as mature for her age. Initially she can be shy with a new person but will open up once she feels comfortable. Gianna is caring and gentle with her younger sisters and other young children. Her favorite activities include playing outside and going to the park, as well as watching movies and cooking. Gianna also loves animals. She is currently in the fifth grade and receives high grades in almost all subjects. In the past Gianna has had to be a caregiver to her younger sisters and a home where she can be a child will be very beneficial to her. Gianna is currently supported by outpatient therapy.

Paris and London are silly, playful and energetic little girls. While the girls are quite friendly, London can be shy and cautious in new situations. They both enjoy high energy activities such as jumping, playing on the playground, sports and running. They also like to watch movies, and do arts and crafts projects. Although the girls do not have any emotional needs at the time, it may be beneficial in the future for them to enter trauma therapy to help process their past experiences.

Not yet legally free for adoption, Gianna, Paris and London are all doing well in their current foster homes and are looking forward to the day that they live together with their new family! The girls will thrive in a caring, loving and active family of any constellation, with or without other children in the home. An ideal family will be open to helping the girls maintain relationships with their birth parents and maternal grandmother, who they currently visit with monthly.

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