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D.O.B. 06/14

HI! My name is Jobsan.

"I love to run around outside!"

Jobsan is an adorable, social and energetic three-year-old boy of Hispanic descent. He is friendly and eager to please, and thrives on adult attention. He also enjoys playing with his peers. Jobsan’s favorite activities include running around outside, throwing balls, blowing bubbles and playing with cars. He is very agile and enjoys all physical activities.

Jobsan receives early intervention services (occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy) three times a week, and is making great progress. He can now recognize his letters and numbers, colors, shapes and body parts. He also participates in a weekly play group through early-intervention, which he loves. Jobsan’s receptive language skills are on target for his age but his expressive language skills are delayed. He was born prematurely with chronic lung disease and has a tracheostomy that is able to be capped when he is awake. It is possible that in the future the tracheostomy will be able to be capped permanently but Jobsan may always suffer from sleep apnea.

Not yet legally free for adoption, Jobsan has demonstrated that he can thrive in a family setting and is eagerly awaiting his forever family! His social worker is open to exploring a loving family of any constellation (with or without other children) that can provide him with structure and nurturance. An ideal family will be energetic and active, and be comfortable advocating for Jobsan’s medical needs.

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