Ileni, Destiney, Rosalind and LeeJanay
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HI! We are Ileni, Destiney, Rosalind and LeeJanay.

"I like to read and color!" - Ileni

"I've got a beautiful smile!" - Destiney

"I want to meet the President!" - Rosalind

"I love to cook!" - LeeJanay

Ileni, Destiney, Rosalind, age eight and LeeJanay, age ten, are beautiful female siblings of African American and Hispanic descent. These siblings do not live together now and they miss each other very much.

Ileni, is a typical five-year-old girl. She currently attends preschool where she performs well academically.

Destiney, age six, is in Kindergarten and presents as very shy until she feels comfortable. She loves reading, dolls and camping.

Rosalind, age eight, is in the second grade. She likes to ride her bike, jump rope and color. She is not afraid to stick up for herself or her siblings. Rosalind would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

LeeJanay, age ten, loves to draw and sketch. She can also be shy until she feels comfortable. She also loves to cook and wants to be a chef when she grows up. She is currently in the fourth grade.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, a two parent family may be best suited for this sibling group of four in order for all the girls to get the attention that they need. Their new home will need to be patient, loving, nurturing and able to give each girl time to feel comfortable in their new environment.

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