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D.O.B. 06/13

HI! My name is Peter.

"My favorite food is a grilled cheese sandwich!"

Peter is an adorable four year boy of Caucasian descent. Happy and bubbly he thrives on routine and structure. He is a good sleeper and goes to bed willingly and usually sleeps for 12 hours. He likes to play with his fire truck and in his kiddy pool. His favorite TV show is the Mickey Mouse Club and he loves Goofy. Peter loves music along with dancing and singing. Aside from a grilled cheese sandwich, Peter loves waffles and pizza. He can be a picky eater but he is working on trying new foods. Peter loves other children and wants them to engages in play with him.

Diagnosed with autism Peter does well in preschool and his language is developing greatly. He is working on communication and listening skills in school with the help of therapy and is making much progress. He also uses an inhaler for asthma. Peter is a typical four year old boy who loves to play outside and be active. He is able to help dress himself and is able to undress himself.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, any family constellation would be a good fit for Peter. He would benefit from having other children in the home who could teach him or model for him social skills. Peter’s new family would need to provide him with love, structure and routine. His new family would also need to be open to obtaining additional services to help him thrive. Peter has an older brother with whom he will need visits .

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