Autumn, Skylar & Dante
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D.O.B. 10/15, 12/12, 10/08

HI! We are Autumn, Skylar, and Dante.

"I am a happy baby!" - Autumn

"I am learning to speak Spanish!" - Skylar

"I am very social and well-mannered!" - Dante

Autumn, age two, Skylar, age four and Dante, age eight are a beautiful sibling group of Caucasian and Bi-racial descent who needs to stay together in their new home. Autumn is a typical two year old who loves to play, eat and sleep. She has a good imagination and plays well alone with he toys and with her siblings. She currently lives in a Spanish speaking foster home and is quickly learning English and Spanish. There are no concerns about her developmental, medical or behavioral health.

Skylar has an amazing memory for people and places in her past. She is very active and loves to climb trees. She also loves Spanish foods and has been quickly learning both Spanish and English in her current foster home.

Dante’s foster family describes Dante as adorable, attached and loving. He is a well adjusted boy who loves school, his sisters music and singing. He can be soft spoken and enjoys one on one adult attention. In school he is a model student who is well behaved, follows rules and makes friends easily.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, Autumn, Skylar and Dante need to stay together in a forever home. An open adoption agreement maybe considered with birthparents. The children would do well living in any family constellation with or without other children. Love, structure and consistency in their new home will be paramount.

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