Adrian & Andreinna
Registration # 6618, 6619
D.O.B. 09/11, 02/10

HI! We are Adrian and Andreinna.

“I love riding my bike!"
- Adrian

“I love arts and crafts!"- Andreinna

Adrian and Andreinna are a sibling group of two of Hispanic descent. Adrian is an energetic and funny little boy who is described as sweet and friendly. He loves to be outside playing whether it be with water guns or riding his bike. Adrian receives extra support in school particularly with reading. He has shared he would like to be a police officer when he grows up!

Andreinna is also described as a sweet, friendly, and social little girl. She loves to sing and dance so her foster mother bought her a karaoke machine for her birthday, which she uses often! Andreinna shares that she wants to be “America’s Next Top Model” when she grows up. Andreinna is entering second grade in the fall. She excels at math and receives extra support for reading and writing.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, the children currently visit with their sibling and birth mother monthly. Families will need to be open to maintaining family connections post-adoption. Their social worker is open to exploring single or two parent families with older children or no other children in the home. The children would do best in a family that can celebrate their individual personalities while also supporting their sibling relationship.

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