Registration # 6620
D.O.B. 12/05

HI! My name is Kiley.

"I hope my future family has a pet dog!"

Kiley is an eleven-year old Caucasian girl who is very outgoing and friendly! She has a great sense of adventure and she enjoys trying new things. Kiley can be humorous, and she also has the ability to be very kind and generous. Some of Kiley’s favorite activities include gymnastics, singing in the choir and playing outside. She is also content drawing, playing a game or playing with her dolls. She is very bright and has good problem solving skills. She has the potential to be successful in a number of different ways! Academically, Kiley is above grade level. She loves to read and is does very well in math.

Legally freed for adoption, Kiley would flourish with parents who will continue to encourage her to express her feelings and advocate for her in the community. The family will also need to maintain Kiley's connection with her half-sister. She would likely do best with a single female parent or two mothers.

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