Keniyah, Zakaii & Ta'Joun
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HI! We are Keniyah, Zakaii, and Ta'Joun.

"I love to be cuddled!" - Keniyah

"I've got a BIG imagination!" - Zakaii

"I want to design video games one day!" - Ta'Joun

Keniyah, age one, Zakaii, age five and Ta’Joun, who likes to be called TJ, age seven are a sibling group of African American descent.

Keniyah, lovingly called Kiki, is happy and bubbly little girl. She loves to be around her brother and sister. They make her belly laugh. She only cries when she is hungry or needs a diaper change.

Zakaii is sociable and loves the company of her peers and adults. She has a vivid imagination and uses it at play with her dolls and her doll house. She attends preschool and has extra support for speech, focusing on word pronunciation.

TJ is very artistic and loves to draw using letters. He has a great sense of humor and loves the company of other children and adults. He likes to play outside and also have books read to him. He attends kindergarten and is working hard on his pronunciation.

Not yet legally freed for adoption, this adorable set of three siblings preferably needs to be placed in a two parent family where they can receive the love and attention that they need and deserve. It would be best if they were in a childless home or were the youngest children in the home by five or more years.

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