Erick & Grady
Registration # 6642, 6643
D.O.B. 05/04, 08/09

HI! We are Erick and Grady.

"I want to be a chef when I grow up!"
- Erick

"I hope I get to play football someday!" - Grady

Erick and Grady are a bonded sibling group of Caucasian/Hispanic descent. Erick is a thirteen-year old boy who is described as easy to talk to. He especially loves to talk about cooking! Erick loves to play video games, watch YouTube and go to the YMCA. Erick will be entering the 8th grade this fall 2017. His favorite subject is Science and he hopes to be able to go to technical high school in the future so he can learn to be a chef. Erick says he hopes that his future family is “rich” and able to buy him video games!

Grady is an eight-year old boy who is described as a talker who likes to be silly! He is also described as sweet, kind and sensitive. He loves playing on his tablet and watching YouTube videos like his older brother. Grady says he hopes one day to become a scuba diver or a “YouTuber of science videos”. Grady loves to receive praise and positive attention. He is also quick to praise others for their work. Grady hopes to one day be able to earn his own money and be able to spend it!

Legally freed for adoption, the children have expressed they would like to have both a mom and a dad. A future family will need to be open to two visits post-adoption with their biological mother and four visits between placement and legalization. The boys would be thrilled to have a dog and other siblings in their adoptive family. Most importantly they want a family that can adopt them together!

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