Registration # 6657
D.O.B. 08/05

HI! My name is Michael.

"Call me Mike!"

Mike is an intelligent and easy-going twelve-year-old boy of Caucasian descent who gets excited about anything related to sports. His favorites are basketball and baseball but he enjoys playing just about any team sport. Mike has a competitive drive to win! He also likes listening to music and playing games on his X-box. He has an excellent voice and if he feels comfortable around you, you might be lucky enough to hear him sing.

One of Mike’s greatest strengths is his ability to make friends. He is happy at school because he gets to spend time with his peers and has the opportunity to play team sports. Mike’s teachers report that he likes to stay busy and does best with a lot of structure.

Legally freed for adoption, Mike’s social worker believes that he will thrive in a loving and attentive family of any constellation, with or without other children in the home. Mike has several siblings in Massachusetts and it is important to him to see them often, especially his younger brother.

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