Careers at Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange



Child Services Coordinator - Boston and Southern Regions

Major responsibilities of the Child Services Coordinator role include developing, coordinating and administering the individual child recruitment plans for children/teens waiting for adoptive homes who are registered with MARE. This includes registering and profiling a caseload of 100+ waiting children, seeking to identify appropriate family matches, coordinating television, print and web media campaigns, responding to inquiries from prospective families and following the progress of each child toward a successful match. Other responsibilities include answering adoption information questions from the general public, event planning, and community outreach. Regular visits to DCF Area Offices and networking events in the community is required. This is one of 5-6 positions that make up the child services team.  This position does not involve direct work with children but rather collaborative work with the Department of Children and Families and contracted adoption agencies on behalf of youth in foster care.


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Wendy's Wonderful Kids Adoption Recruiter - Eastern MA

The Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter for the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, MARE, will be an agent of change in the lives of the children waiting in the foster care system in Massachusetts. The Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter will recruit permanent adoptive families by managing an appropriate caseload and by employing an intensive and exhaustive Child Focused Recruitment Model for children in the Western, MA area. The recruiter will be hired by MARE and report to MARE and will abide by the MARE policies and procedures regarding time and place of work, supervision, reporting, and confidentiality. The position is funded by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA).


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Video Production Intern

MARE’s Communications Department is seeking a highly motivated video production intern for the Spring of 2020 (January - May). The video production intern will work to produce high-quality video segments and photos that promote MARE's work and raise awareness about adoption from foster care. This internship will provide an ideal training ground for an intern to put their video skills into action in the real world. We will be pursuing an aggressive content creation schedule, so the intern for this position will quickly gain experience in all aspects of unscripted, documentary-style video production.


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