Experienced families

At MARE we believe that YOU – the families who have already come forward to adopt children from foster care – are one of our most valued resources and most effective recruiters. We welcome the opportunity to work individually with families in any of the following ways:


  • Become an Adoption Advocate – MARE will provide you with resources and materials to go into your community, schools, employers, places of worship, etc. to help spread the word about the need for adoption from foster care. Join the Plus One Challenge to commit to recruiting just one more adoptive family.

  • Share your story -  Join other experienced families to present on panels, be featured in media outlets, attend events, or tell your story in MARE publications. Please complete the following forms and join us in sharing your experience as an adoptive parent:
  • Feature a Heart Gallery portrait of a waiting child in your office, place of worship, local library or another venue that would be willing to host it for two weeks, a month, or longer. Learn more about the Heart Gallery here.


We are always open to exploring new and creative ways to collaborate with experienced families, so let us know your thoughts! For additional information about any of these opportunities contact Ricardo Franco, Director of Family Support Services, at 617-964-6273 ext. 111.