How can MARE help?

MARE's Role

MARE exists to bring prospective adoptive families and children waiting for adoption one step closer to becoming a family. We do this by supporting families as they navigate the process of foster care adoption from the first call through adoption finalization.  MARE staff are available during business hours to speak with families about the adoption process, refer them to adoption agencies in their region, and provide information about specific waiting children.  Once a family has an approved homestudy, MARE works to identify prospective child matches statewide.  Additionally, MARE hosts informational meetings, adoption parties, family support trainings and family networking events throughout the year. 

MARE is the only adoption exchange in Massachusetts and works under contract with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.  MARE supports social workers by creating recruitment and exposure opportunities for waiting children, and responding to families who express interest. A child's social worker is ultimately responsible for determining placement decisions for the children on their caseload.  MARE is not a licensed adoption agency and does not train, homestudy or license adoptive families.