Our partners

MARE is able to effectively deliver programs and services that directly impact the children and families we serve thanks to strong relationships with the following dedicated partners:





MARE works collaboratively with social workers and administrators at the Department of Children and Families (DCF) on a daily basis to recruit adoptive families for children in state custody awaiting adoption.  MARE has received funding through an annual contract since 1980.




MARE has partnered with Jordan’s Furniture since 1998.  The Jordan’s Initiative is a public/private partnership between MARE, DCF, other contracted adoption agencies and Jordan’s Furniture that focuses on public education and recruitment for children in foster care.  Jordan’s Furniture hosts numerous adoption events at their stores, hosts the Heart Gallery and MARE’s Walk for Adoption and has provided financial support to MARE for many years.  This partnership has enabled us to create innovative recruitment opportunities that have ultimately led to hundreds of children finding adoptive homes.  We are extremely grateful for their ongoing commitment to MARE.





MARE worked with Jack Williams through the Wednesday’s Child TV series since it’s inception in 1981.  Additionally MARE has received funding from Mr. Williams’ fundraising efforts since 1982 and more recently through grants from the Endowment for Wednesday's Child.  We are extremely appreciative of Mr. Williams’ commitment to both the Wednesday’s Child program and MARE’s fundraising needs.





In 2006, MARE was awarded it’s first Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption grant for a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter in Western MA.  In 2007, we received a second grant for the Greater Boston area.  The WWK program is a non-profit public charity dedicated to dramatically increasing the adoptions of the more than 140,000 children in North America’s foster care systems. Wendy's Wonderful Kids is a signature program of the Foundation.  We are proud of the program’s accomplishments and the opportunity to continue receiving these grants each year. 




In 2019, MARE was awarded a grant from The Philanthropy Connection.





In 2021, MARE was awarded a grant from the Cummings Foundation.